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Fantasy Football Challenge

Thank you for participating in the Links Fantasy Football Challenge!


1) The Fantasy Football Challenge is a weekly contest - It's Free and Fun

2) Each week you need to post on Facebook your guess for the top QB/RB/WR for that week- if the player has played already you can't use the player

3) To win each of your players have to be in the top 5 of their particular categories (TRIFECTA)

4) The tiebreaker will be whoever has the highest combined points of the correct entries - further tiebreaker will be coin flip if two players tie or random draw if more than 2 players have the same picks

5) The pot will start at $25 (gift card) and will increase $25 for each week that the prize is not won


QB - 4pts TD Pass; 6pts TD; .05pts per passing yard; .05pts per rushing yard; -1pt per turnover

RB - 6pts TD; .1pt per rushing yard; .1pt per receiving yard; -1pt per turnover

WR - 6pts; .1pt per rushing yard; .1pt per receiving yard; -1pt per turnover


Wk1 QB-Ryan35.5;RGIII28.2;Romo27.6;RB-Spiller24.4;Morris21.6;Rice21.3;WR-Ogletree23.4;Jones22.8;Hill20.9

Wk2 QB-Eli34.5;RGIII33.5;Vick28.9;RB-Bush31.7;Spiller29;Richardson26.5;WR-Nicks25.9;Cruz23.9;Bowe22.2

Wk3 QB-Ben36;Flacco 30.4;Schaub 29.5;RB-Charles 34.8; MJD 25.3;Brown 25;WR-Green 25.4;T. Smith 24.7;Calvin 22.4

Wk4 QB-Brady35.4;Brees 34.3; Newton 33.4;RB-Turner23.1;Ridley 22.6;Lynch 21.5;WR-Hartline 31.3;White 28.9;Roberts 23.8

Wk5 QB-Brees33.5;Luck 33.5;A.Smith 32.1;RB-Bradshaw 27.9;Foster 22.8;Ridley 20.1;WR-Colsten 31.1;Wayne 27.2;Harvin 23.6

Wk6 QB-ARod42.6;RGIII37.9;Freeman27.9;Daulton27.6;Vick27.5;RB-Greene34.1;Rice22.6;Bradshaw18.0;Spiller17.0;F.Jones16.5;WR-Nelson30.1; AJGreen25.5;Bryant21.5;Welker19.8;Maclin19.0

Wk7 QB-Brees34.0;Freeman33.9;ARod29.1;RGIII27.8;Palmer24.3;RB-Johnson31.8;Foster22.3;AP21.9;S-Howling20.9;Gore18.2;WR-Jackson27.6;Cobb22.8;Cruz19.1;Nelson18.2;Moss17.7

Wk8 QB-Stafford35.8;Brady31.5;Romo27.9;P.Manning27.7;Ryan26.9;RB-Martin33.4;McGahee20.5;Richardson19.4;Ridley18.7;McCoy18.7; WR-Young22.0;Crabtree20.0;D.Thomas19.7;J.Jones19.2;Decker16.3



Wk11 QB-Schaub44.4;RGIII34.4;Henne34.4;Brady28.6;Freeman27.1;RB-Stephen-Howlings19.3;Reece19.3;Powell18.0;Green-Ellis16.8;Martin15.1;WR-Megatron33.3;Blackmon29.6;Hilton22.0;Alexander21.6;Bryant20.5









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