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  • Hole #1


    Par 5

    hole 1

    Straight forward hole to start your round. If the wind is in your face it will take 3 solid shots to get there. If the wind is at your back, you may find yourself hunting an early birdie or at a minimum an easy par.

  • Hole #2

    "Hidden Dune"

    Par 4

    hole 2

    Don't be fooled by the initial direction of the fairway. Aim between the 150 yard marker and the left corner of the fairway bunker. For longer hitters aim at the 150 yard marker. There is more landing area to the left of the yardage marker than it may appear from the tee.

  • Hole #3


    Par 4

    hole 3

    Drives down the right side can meet a watery demise. Keep your tee shot in the fairway for an easy approach to nice size green. If the pin is in the back left aim for the middle of the green, there is little room to be long on this green.

  • Hole #4


    Par 3

    hole 4

    With water right and a large bunker on the left, the green may look like an island. However, the green is very deep and can be reached with either a high shot or a low runner.

  • Hole #5

    "The Hill"

    Par 4

    hole 5

    Don't get cute with your tee shot on this hole. Unless you can carry your drive 280 yards straight over the large fairway mound, the best play is to aim to the left of the pot bunkers at the base of the hill and set up a short iron approach. This hole is home to the Longest Ace in Minnesota history.

  • Hole #6

    "Changing Winds"

    Par 4

    hole 6

    From the elevated tee you will feel the wind direction change that earned this hole its name. This hole has a long but shallow green guarded by a front waste bunker and pond right. To lay up, aim for the fairway to the left of the waste bunker as it gives the best chance for a par saver.

  • Hole #7


    Par 3

    hole 7

    Featuring two greens separated by a large pond this hole offers a new challenge every day. The left green is very small and is the shorter of the two. Aim for the front of the green to avoid going long. The right green is larger so play for the middle of the green to avoid penalty. There are two bunkers right of the green. Any "greenie" on either green will likely leave no more than a 20 foot putt regardless of the pin location. You may have a great chance for a deuce.

  • Hole #8


    Par 4

    hole 8

    Challenging hole that plays longer since the drive is up hill. Play your tee shot a little left of where you think as there is a large sand bunker on the right side of the fairway at the top of the hill. On your approach shot, consider taking one extra club to reach the two-tier green.

  • Hole #9


    Par 5

    hole 9

    If the wind is helping you it seems easy to reach the green in 2. If you are feeling lucky - Go for it! But your best play may be to swallow your pride and lay up to keep from making a double bogey. Water surrounds the front and left side of the green, while there is high grass to the right and back of the green.

  • Hole #10


    Par 5

    hole 10

    You can cut a little off the corner to make this hole shorter. However, keep it in the fairway for best chance for birdie or maybe an eagle. Remember if you land in the waste bunker you can ground your club.

  • Hole #11


    Par 4

    hole 11

    This hole has two fairways with bunkers located in the middle and on the right side of the fairway. For long hitters, tee off with a 3 wood for accuracy and set up a mid to long iron 2nd shot to a very accessible green.

  • Hole #12

    "Green O'Plenty"

    Par 3

    hole 12

    A tough par 3 boasting a wide left to right downward sloping green. There are two separate tee boxes on this hole. This hole tends to play a little longer than you think, so you may want to take an extra club, especially if you are hitting to a pin that is giving you a diagonal look from the tee.

  • Hole #13

    "Lone Oak"

    Par 4

    hole 13

    A wide fairway allows for an easy tee shot, long hitters may wish to select a 3 wood to set up a full 2nd shot. The approach shot is blind if you hit your drive too far. You may wish to take an extra club on your approach to this elevated green.

  • Hole #14


    Par 5

    hole 14

    A very long and picturesque par 5 that is not an easy birdie hole. Play your drive down the right side of the fairway to get a look at the green for your second shot. The green is two-tiered for your putting enjoyment.

  • Hole #15

    "Big Dog"

    Par 4

    hole 15

    Play target golf on this hole with woods to the left and OB on the right. Hit whatever it takes to get to the 150 yard stake. On your approach add one club distance to account for the uphill shot to the green. This is the most difficult hole on the course. A motto for this hole is "Play for 5 and hope for 4".

  • Hole #16

    "Three Sisters"

    Par 4

    hole 16

    This hole has two fairways. Shorter hitters should play the upper fairway, longer hitters can play for the lower fairway by aiming between the silver tee box stones. Be aware that there are three bunkers (the evil sisters) on the right edge of the lower fairway. The green is very long and undulating. Take a peek from the tee box to see where the flag is to setup your approach shot.

  • Hole #17

    "The Pit"

    Par 3

    hole 17

    A very solid par 3, with sand short left, lateral hazard right and OB behind a severely sloping two-tier green. Aim for the middle of the green and putt with caution.

  • Hole #18

    "Long Road Home"

    Par 4

    hole 18

    A long and demanding finishing hole. The left side of the fairway is littered with small bunkers, while right of the mounds is OB. Try to keep your drive in the fairway and play your approach to the center of the green for safety from the water hazard. If laying up aim for the landing area in the front left of the green.

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